Mdi (Isocyanate) for Blend with Polyurethane Polyol

Product profile: Polyether polyolsPolyether polyols' major use is in polyurethane foams. Flexible foams are primarily used incushioning applications such as furniture, bedding and car seats, and in carpet underlay.Rigid foam's largest consumer is the construction industry where it is mostly used for in

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Product profile: Polyether polyols
Polyether polyols' major use is in polyurethane foams. Flexible foams are primarily used in
cushioning applications such as furniture, bedding and car seats, and in carpet underlay.
Rigid foam's largest consumer is the construction industry where it is mostly used for insulation.
Rigid foam is also used in commercial refrigeration and packaging. Smaller uses for polyether
polyols include elastomers, adhesives and sealants, surface coatings and polyurethane fibres.
Product Specifications:  PGY3010E
OH value(mgKOH/g)54-58
Water content(wt%)0.08max
PH value5-8
Acid value(mgKOH/g)0.1max
Polyether Polyol More Models For Choice :
Acid value mgKOH/gWater 
PGY-55050 max290-320250-3500.1 max0.08 max5-8
PGY-750P50 max214-234220-3200.1 max0.08 max5-8
PGY-105550 max152-160200-3000.1 max0.05 max5-8
PGY-2500E50 max65-69300-5500.1 max0.05 max5-7
PGY-3000M50 max54-58450-6500.1 max0.08 max5-8
PGY-3000E50 max52-56450-5500.1 max0.05 max5-8
PGY-3010E50 max54-58400-7000.1 max0.08 max5-8
PGY-3105E50 max54-58400-6000.1 max0.08 max5-8
PGY-3350E50 max48-55615-8150.1 max0.05 max5-8
PGY-3500M50 max46-50600-8000.1 max0.08 max5-8
PGY-3500E50 max45-50550-7500.1 max0.08 max5-8
PGY-3510E50 max45-50650-8500.1 max0.08 max5-8
PGY-3550E50 max45-50450-6500.1 max0.08 max5-8
PGY-4801E50 max33-37800-9000.05 max0.05 max5-8
PGY-5000E50 max31-35850-9800.1 max0.08 max5-8
PGY-5002E50 max31-35860-9800.05 max0.08 max5-8
PGY- 5016E50 max31-35860-9800.05 max0.08 max5-8
PGY-5020E50 max32-36820-9800.05 max0.1 max5-7

Polyether polyols are produced by the catalysed addition of epoxides, mainly propylene oxide
orethylene oxide, to an initiator having active hydrogens. The most common catalyst is potassium
hydroxide. The reaction is carried out by a discontinuous batch process at raised temperatures and
pressures under an inert atmosphere. After polymerisation, the catalyst is neutralised and
removed by filtration. The polyol is then purified.
The choice of epoxides, initiator, reaction conditions and catalyst determines the physical properties
of the polyol which can range from low molecular weight polyglycols to high molecular weight resins.
Bayer's Impact technology is based on a zinc hexacyanocobaltate catalyst and has lower energy
needs and waste.
Demand growth in western Europe is forecast at 2.5-3%/year through 2006, slower than in previous years. Growth in flexible foam will only be about 1.5%/year as the major markets like furniture and bedding will be stagnant or even decline, although the automotive sector will see further growth of about 2%/year.
Consumption into rigid foam is expected to grow by an average 4%/year to 2006. The non-foam sector
will see demand growth of 4.0-4.5%/year.
West European production will rise to over 1.6m tonne/year by 2006 to meet export demand from the
faster-growing markets of eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
Growth in Asia is put at 3-5%/year (excluding Japan) but the fastest growth is in China where demand will
rise by 7-9%/year. Shell's complex being built in Huizhou, China, includes a 170000 tonne/year polyols plant
with startup due in late 2005. Shell will also start up a 50000 tonne/year polymer polyols plant in
Pernis,Netherlands, this year.

Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Avoid inhalation of vapour or mist. Keep away from sources of 
Ignition - No smoking. Take measures to prevent the build up of electrostatic charge. 

Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place. Containers which are opened must be
carefully resealed and kept upright to prevent leakage. Store in cool place.

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